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Use the register form below, and we shall be back in touch to confirm your listing. The benefits of mentoring are not just monetary; your mentee may have some useful knowledge of their own to impart, and they will be able to assist your practice and yourself as you provide implants to your patients. Register with us today to become an implantology mentor to a new practitioner.



  • A higher degree or qualification in implant dentistry
  • Have placed more than 250 implants
  • Have adequate indemnity cover
  • Have attended a mentoring course


As an implantology mentor, you are responsible for your mentee’s learning, and their actions while you are mentoring them. You will be expected to manage the professional relationship, and establish goals between yourself and your mentee, agreeing on timescales and providing feedback where necessary. As the person assessing their ability, you have a great responsibility to ensure they receive the correct tuition and are capable of handling implants after the tuition is completed, and to keep a record of their progress.

However, the rewards of mentoring, the satisfaction of giving back to the dentistry community, and potentially establishing a long-term professional friendship, far outweigh the accountabilities.


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